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Almost 90 % of all E-mail traffic consists of SPAM. This is not only inconvenient, but it also decreases productivity of employees within organizations. The ever increasing flow of SPAM also requires a lot of server capacity. This causes extra costs and can diminish the speed of the Email-traffic.
The danger of identity-theft due to SPAM also increases. Criminals try to get hold of personal log-in codes and passwords by sending Email imitating the corporate identity of companies like banks.

A virus encoded in an Email can penetrate your organization’s network. Once inside, it can shut down entire networks, and as a result frustrate the output of the organization. This does not only affect your own productivity, but also that of your clients. With all the consequences for your companies reputation.

Unwanted Content
Sometimes an E-mail contains unwanted content or enclosures like .mp3 or .exe-files. This might cause security problems, but it also takes a lot of disk space on your server.

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