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The picture beneath depicts the flow schedule of E-mail from several sources to CleanPort that scans and filters mail to deliver only safe and screened E-mail to customers.

> DNS Server
Information about each domain is kept in DNS Servers. A DNS server connects a hostname (like: to a server.

> MX records
For each domain one or more MX records can be provided within the DNS information. MX records tell the sending e-mail server to which server e-mail needs to be delivered. E-mail messages to CleanPort customers are first delivered to CleanPort Mail Towers.
These Mail Towers scan and filter e-mail messages, and deliver only Clean message to your mail server.

> Loadbalancer
By using redundant loadbalancers messages are spread across many mail servers. By doing this the throughput speed is maximized and structured.

> Secure Quarantine
E-mail messages recognized as unwanted can be stored in Quarantaine. Each customer/user can have access to CleanPort's webinterface "MyAccount". With this login each user or domain administrator can control and release his quarantained message.

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