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The schedule beneath represents the components, patented technology and techniques CleanPort uses to filter and scan E-mail.

> Known Virus Protection
Multi-engine solution: several virus scanners are used in paralel to detect known viruses.

> Outbreak Virus Protection
Using an extensive database and advanced pattern recognition new viruses can be detected.

> Advanced Greylisting
A large percentage of spam sending servers only try to deliver spam once, this in combination with certain patterns allows early stage detection and blocking of spam messages.

> Message Structure Analysis
Based on the structure and headers of e-mail messages several analysis are performed.

> Heuristic / Bayesian
By recognition of character and word combinations, message content can be classified.

> Whitelist and Blacklist
To recognize known spam senders and messages several leading white and blacklists are used.

> HICAR Heuristic Image Character Recognization: allows detection of characters and words to classify images.

> Mail Server Protection
Using this technology CleanPort is able to prevent very large e-mails, zip-of-death, and other kinds of threads from damaging your mail systems.

> Attachment Type Control
You control which types of attachments are allowed or blocked.

> Custom Rules Control
You can set custom rules to specifically allow or block messages based on sender, content, message size, etc.

> Mail Banner / Disclaimer
You can specifiy one or more "signatures" which are placed at the bottom of all incoming and outgoing messages. This can also be used to insert disclaimers in each messages.

> Mail Forward
By default clean messages are -after the filtering process- delivered to your mail server(s). There is also an option to forward messages to "external" e-mail addresses. This can be done for a complete domain or for single users.

> Auto-reply
The system allows settings to automatically sent a message back in response to each incoming message. The message is configurable and can be set for a complete domain or for single user(s).

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