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  • Can we immediately use CleanPort after our organization's account has been completed in the MyAccount interface ?
    Before you can use your account there has to be made an alteration in the domain's DNS; the MX records have to be changed. By changing the MX records to CleanPort, the e-mail for your domain will be delivered directly to CleanPort. The mail is filtered en scanned and then the clean e-mails will be delivered to your mail server. Depending on the situation you can either switch your MX records yourself, or by your Internet Service Provider.
  • I am not receiving any e-mail at all. What might be the cause ?
    1. The most common reason for not receiving e-mail is that your mail server can not be reached. Please check your server's settings.
    2. Updates for your firewall or switching to a new firewall may block the delivery of mail by the CleanPort server.
    3. The MX records for the domain(s) have not been set correctly. In the priority for mail delivery CleanPort should be listed as the first delivery address. You can check settings in MyAccount under "Services". If settings are correct you wil see the green CleanPort mail server settings, if the settings are incorrect this will be displayed in red.

    Should you, after checking the probable causes above, still experience problems, please contact our Support department (telephone number +31 314 39.99.33).
  • Where can I access MyAccount ?
    You can login to MyAccount everywhere you have got access to the internet. Log in via our website, or use the URL: For Resellers using a customized version of MyAccount the URL will be different.
  • My organisation uses batch SMTP. Can we combine this with the use of CleanPort ?
    If you start working with CleanPort Managed E-mail Security, you do not need to workt with batch SMTP anymore. CleanPort will store all your e-mail for a period of 7 days should there be a problem with the delivery of e-mail. During this period CleanPort will keep on retrying to deliver your mail.
  • What happens to the e-mail when the mail server of our organisation is down for a certain period of time ?
    When CleanPort can not deliver the mail to your server it will keep on retrying. As soon as your server is online again all the mail we be delivered to your server by CleanPort and no mail has been lost. Only after 7 days the mail will be returned to the original sender with a notification that the e-mail could not be delivered to your mailbox.
  • Is it necessary to have an additional virus scanner besides CleanPort managed e-mail Security to keep viruses away from our company's network ?
    Most of the viruses access your network via e-mail. By using CleanPort your company is effectively protected against viruses through e-mail. Still a lot of employees use CD's, DVD's or other external sources of data that might contain viruses. That is why you should always have a local virus scanner to protect you from these sources as well.
  • What is an open-relay en in which way is an open-relay connected to SPAM ?
    An open mail relay is an SMTP (e-mail) server configured in such a way that it allows anyone on the Internet to relay (i.e. send) e-mail through it. Spammers might use open relay servers to re-route their spam in order to minimize detection. Many Internet Service providers use DNS-based Blocking Lists to disallow mail from open relays. Once a mail server is detected or reported that allows third parties to send mail through them, they will be added to one or more such lists, and other e-mail servers using those lists will reject any mail coming from those sites.
  • How can I check if our mail server is an open-relay ?
    To be sure that your mail server is not accessible to spammers you can use an on-line test at
  • Does CleanPort Managed E-mail Security cause a delay in the delivery of my e-mail ?
    The average time between receiving the mail by CleanPort and the first attempt to deliver the mail to the clients mail server is less than 1 second. The average might vary with the size of the e-mail and temporary peaks in the overall E-mail traffic. The delivery time rarely exceeds two or three seconds
  • There is a considerable amount of time between sending an e-mail by a third party to my account and the actual moment I have received it in my mailbox. What might be the cause of this ?
    Sometimes the mail server can not accept the amount of E-mail offered by CleanPort because of settings for that server. If the server is not exclusively used for E-mail, the server might not be able to accept the E-mail because it is too busy performing other tasks. An other explanation is CleanPort's Advanced Greylisting technique, that is used for domains with a catch-all setting. This technique bounces the first attempt of an unknown sender to your E-mail box and will accept it for scanning and filtering the second time the mail is offered. Depending on the settings of the server that is trying to deliver the E-mail the interval between the first and second attempt can vary between ten seconds to several minutes.
  • Why does CleanPort use Advanced Greylisting ?
    CleanPort only uses Advanced Greylisting for domains with a catch-all setting. Due to the catch-all setting a lot of extra unwanted e-mail is delivered to your mailboxes. In order to process the total amount of e-mail properly, Advanced Greylisting is used to severely reduce the amount of SPAM to be filtered. If you do not use a catch-all setting but insert all e-mail addresses and aliases Advanced Greylisting will not be used for your domain(s).
  • Is it possible to reduce the maximum accepted size of an E-mail ?
    CleanPort will accept E-mail with a maximum size of 25 Mb, larger sized E-mail will not be accepted. You can reduce the maximum size for the acceptance of E-mail by using the "Advanced Settings" of the Content Filter. Here you can set the maximum accepted size for the whole domain or per user.
  • What happens with intercepted viruses, SPAM and mail that has been intercepted by CleanPort’s Content Filter ?
    By default all unwanted E- mail will be quarantined. You can change settings however to have mail with a virus and/or SPAM deleted at once. CleanPort also offers the possibility to add a tag to the subject of the E-mail. For SPAM and intercepted E-mail by the Content Filter the tags are *** SPAM *** and *** CF ***. In this way the intercepted E-mail can be handled by the mail server or the software settings of the E-mail-client on the desktop as well. By tagging the unwanted E-mail it can also be archived in designated folders.
  • For how long will viruses and SPAM be stored by CleanPort's quarantine ?
    Viruses will typically be kept in quarantine for 14 days, SPAM and messages detected by the Content Filter will be quarantined for a period of 30 days. The three separate quarantines can be controlled on any desired level through MyAccount. The quarantines offer settings to customize the way you would like to handle the messages. And also offer several ways to sort and search the quarantine.
  • What can I do when messages are quarantined that should not be ?
    The sensitivity of the filtering can be set at 5 levels. When the Spam Filter has been set at the highest level technically bad composed E-mail will be quarantined because they have the same properties as SPAM. You can release a quarantined E-mail very easy to your mailbox. When releasing the message, you can choose to release the specific E-mail only this time (Release only) or you can "Release and Remember" in which case future E-mail from this sender will not be blocked anymore.
  • I have released and whitelisted a sender in MyAccount. Is CleanPort still scanning mail from the whitelisted sender ?
    The senders you have whitelisted will pass the Spam Filter but will still be checked by our advanced Anti-virus solution and our Content Filter.
  • How is it possible that while I am using CleanPort Managed E-mail Security I still receive SPAM and viruses ?
    When your mail server has not been firewalled or configured to block all E-mail but CleanPort's there is a chance that mail is directly delivered to your server without being scanned by CleanPort. In the implementation guide you can find information how you can prevent the delivery of e-mail that has not been filtered and scanned by CleanPort.
  • Does CleanPort only filter incoming e-mail or is it also possible to scan the outgoing E-mail traffic ?
    In the default settings only incoming E-mail is filtered en scanned .CleanPort also offers the possibility to scan outgoing mail for viruses. You can let CleanPort scan your outbound E-mail traffic by using "Relay" in MyAccount.
  • What is "mail source" and what are "mail headers" ?
    The mail source consists of the complete source-code of the E-mail. In an E-mail program like Outlook only part of the code is displayed, the "mail body". The part of the mail source that is not displayed (by default) is the "mail header". The mail header shows the subject of the E-mail, but also gives information about the sender, receiver and the route the E-mail has followed to get to the receiver. By analysing the mail source CleanPort can establish the reason in case of a delivered but unwanted E-mail.
  • What does CleanPort use to effectively stop viruses ?
    CleanPort uses a multi-layered solution to stop viruses. The most important part of CleanPort's anti-virus solution is our patented ProTAG-egine. ProTAG is a heuristic scanner that scans every single E-mail for new viruses. Pro-TAG is capable of recognizing new kinds and types of viruses because it looks for patterns by using complex programmed rules. With every new virus detected the ProTAG scanner's set of rules is increased so in a way it is "learning" in real-time. That is why CleanPort's anti-virus solution is the most advanced solution available.
  • I already use a virus scanner on my desktop computer or on our network. Is it still necessary that CleanPort scans the incoming E-mail for viruses ?
    Most certainly ! CleanPort scans more than 50.000.000 E-mail per day sent from every continent in the world. That is why our heuristic Pro-Tag scanner will detect new viruses very quickly. Immediately after detection these viruses are quarantined, and all CleanPort users are protected from that moment on. Traditional anti-virus software depends on updates before it protects your organization against new threats. These updates may take several hours to several days in which users remain unprotected. That is why you should always use CleanPort's anti-virus solution.
  • Do I still need a local anti-virus solution when I am working with CleanPort Managed E-mail Security ?
    Yes. Although more than 99 % of all viruses enter a computer via E-mail, external memory like old floppy's, DVD's and , CD's can contain viruses as well. That is why you still need a traditional local solution against viruses.
  • Is it possible to get a notification when a virus is intercepted by CleanPort ?
    In MyAccount you can change default settings in order to send notifications about intercepted viruses. This notification will be sent to the receiver of the contaminated E-mail and (if selected) the ICT-department.
  • Are there options to customize blocking certain types of messages or senders of E-mail ?
    Yes. Both the Spam Filter and the Content Filter offer the possibility to effortlessly create your own "rules" by using the advanced settings. You can block for instance specific sender addresses or complete sender domain names, or block certain types of attachments or content.

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