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Greek police said on Friday they have arrested a man suspected of selling corporate secrets from France's Dassault Group, including data on weapons systems.

"This 58-year-old mathematician was wanted since 2002 after Dassault contacted Greek authorities," a police official, speaking on condition of anonymity, told Reuters.

"He is responsible for causing damages in excess of $361 million to the company and he has sold this corporate data, including information on weapons systems, to about 250 buyers through the Internet," the official said.

Police suspect the man of selling the data to buyers in Germany, Italy, France, South Africa, Brazil, as well as countries in Asia and the Balkans.

"The man hacked into the company's computer system and got possession of the data," the official said.

"He is one of the world's best hackers, using the nickname ASTRA, but we are also looking for an accomplice in the United Kingdom who helped him locate buyers online," the official said.

Dassault Group and its subsidiaries are a major player in civil aviation and the military sector.

The police official said the man would be taken to the prosecutors to be charged.


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