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Only seven procent use more ways

Almost half of the internetters use just one password for online activities. This is a result from a research done by research agency Accenture among eight hundred British and Americans.

Using just one password is easier because surfers do not wish to remember various words for ten different web services. Writing them down is not an option either: seventy procent of the Brisish and half of the Americans say they never do this. One virtual key for all these sites is everything but safe. Nearly ninety percent of the questioned persons even admit cases like identity theft is mainly to blame to themselves.

Main target group of the telephone research was everyone who uses internet services. This means people who surf at least twice a week, not even included e-mailing. Concerning changing passwords or changing security of passwords, the attitude is just as supine. Only seven percent say they change their password regularly, using special software or protecting their online identity by advanced ways, such as a finger print scanner.


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