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Tettnang/ Doetinchem, 2 March 2010 – German IT security provider Avira has acquired CleanPort B.V., bringing managed security services into the Avira portfolio offering. The new portfolio will be called, Avira Managed Security Services (AMSS). AMSS will provide online security services for all user segments; both consumer and corporate customers. The acquisition of the Dutch group CleanPort B.V./ ISP Services B.V./ NextIdentity B.V., has been executed on March 1, 2010.

CleanPort B.V. specializes in anti-spam and anti-virus services, which are currently available to businesses of all sizes across Europe. Internet service provider ISP Services B.V. supplies data center infrastructures and NextIdentity B.V. provides the corresponding web development services.

With the establishment of AMSS, Avira further expands its portfolio for all user segments and strengthens the company’s position in the international IT security market. CleanPort will form the essential component of the new offering. Following the complete integration of the corporate group, Avira also will launch a “Security as a Service” strategy during the course of this year. The first Avira branded offerings are expected to be launched in the 4th quarter of 2010.

“By establishing Avira Managed Security Services, we open up an extended range of services based on tried-and-tested technology to our over 100 million users worldwide. This will allow a multi-layered defense offering of Avira security products in our customers IT environments; locally installed solutions and online managed security services. In addition, we are confident that our acquisition of CleanPort will put us in a good position to penetrate new markets.” said Tjark Auerbach, founder and CEO of Avira GmbH.

“Avira is one of the pioneers in the IT security market and specializes in anti-malware solutions. CleanPort’s extensive expertise in the area of Managed Security Services will extend Avira’s offering, so that users will also be able to rely on Avira’s ”in the cloud” solutions in the future. Extending Avira’s solutions with a new range of services is in response to the increasing demand for outsourced security solutions and a multi-layered approach, it will continue to drive the company’s national and international expansion,” said Jeroen Oostendorp, Managing Director of CleanPort B.V., who is set to play an important role at Avira in the area of Managed Security Services.

Founded in 2001, the CleanPort B.V./ISP Services B.V. group of companies is regarded as a leading provider in the area of managed security services. The product portfolio is aimed at small, medium and large businesses, as well as Internet service providers such as Orange and Kingston Communications. Existing solutions will now be provided and further developed under the aegis of Avira’s AMSS business unit. The corporate group is to be fully integrated within Avira and at the same time will form a new local office in the Netherlands. This will mean that the IT security expert, which has its headquarters in Tettnang near Lake Constance, will have a total of eight offices throughout the world. Avira plans to open offices in China and the United States shortly, as well as setting up a virus laboratory in Asia.

About CleanPort
The CleanPort B.V./ ISP Services B.V./ NextIdentity B.V. Group was founded in 2001 by its current CEO, Jeroen Oostendorp with the aim of creating a managed solution for e-mail filtering that would be intuitive and flexible, also making it suitable for small businesses. The company has always kept its “managed services” in line with the latest developments and has continuously improved its solutions. CleanPort now has several multinational service providers and start-ups among its customers. In 2009 the group recorded external sales of Euro 1.6 million.

About Avira
Avira GmbH is a leading global provider of IT security solutions for professional and private use. With over twenty years of experience, the company is one of the pioneers in this field. As a foundation member of the initiative “IT Security made in Germany” (ITSMIG e.V.), Avira guarantees that it provides IT security products with no backdoors.

The German IT security expert is headquartered in Tettnang near Lake Constance and maintains several subsidiaries worldwide. Avira employs approximately 300 staff and makes a significant contribution towards the security of millions of private users through its free virus protection, Avira AntiVir Personal.

Domestic and international customers include well-known companies listed on global stock exchanges, educational establishments and government authorities. In addition to protecting the virtual environment, Avira promotes the Auerbach Foundation for greater protection and security in the real world. The Auerbach Foundation supports charitable and social projects, as well as art, culture and science.

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